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Peini Ghana

  • Founded in 2010
  • Awards British High Commission Business Plan Winner (ENGINE Program)
  • Visit website Peini Ghana
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The Peini brand is African premium cosmetics at its finest. The Peini brand offers a wide range of products from personal care through to pharmaceuticals that have healing yet beautifying benefits meant for every member of the household. Each product from Peini is simple in use yet holistic in treatment. The products from Peini offer an experience of true African tradition and promises an unforgettable transformation of every consumer into the realm of rare luxury. Our ingredients are sourced from the most virgin of forests in Sub-Saharan Africa and our products hand crafted with care to keep same potent and fit for a person of power.
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DV Unlimited Company Limited

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DV Unlimited Company Limited is a reputable manufacturing and marketing company of cosmetics and household cleaning products.
Products includes:DV KLINERS Alata Samina Shower Gel, Dv Kliners Aloe Vera Shower Gel & Dv Kliners Liquid Detergent
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